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About us


 We focus on the WHO resolution WHA 62.13                       for the period 2014 - 2023

The World Organization For Traditional Naturopathy (WOTN) works closely with world agencies and national governments in order to promote the validation and practice of modern Traditional Naturopathy and Complementary Natural Medicine.

The World Organization For Traditional Naturopathy (WOTN), encourages all its endorsed academic institutions to conduct scientific research in the field of Traditional Naturopathy and Complementary Natural Medicine. 

The World Organization For Traditional Naturopathy (WOTN), instituted in conclave meeting on September of 2016 once concluded the Second Caribbean Congress on Naturopathic Sciences in Puerto Rico, is an incorporated, international and religiously neutral, humanitarian and non-governmental organization. WOTN adopts the WHO Alma Ata declaration, and all its strategies and benchmarks for the practice and education of Traditional Naturopathy, also known as Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCM).

The mission of the World Organization For Traditional Naturopathy (WOTN) is to support the growth and diversity of modern traditional naturopathy worldwide. To these ends, our global organization encourages appropriate regulation and recognition of the profession and accreditation of the highest educational standards. WOTN also seeks to function as a link between naturopathic associations and academic institutions,

Promoting accreditation and the highest standards for our global profession; in accordance with the strategies and benchmarks for education in Traditional Naturopathy and Complementary Natural Medicine, as implemented by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Provide education on individual herbs, herbal formulas, homeopathic and spagyric remedies, therapeutic oils and other natural substances.

Recommend comprehensive naturopathic protocols (nutrition, phytotherapy, homeopathy, drainage and detoxification, etc.), taking into consideration safety issues and interaction with drug prescriptions.

Educate the patient on stress relief techniques and non invasive mind and bodywork therapies. 

Expand on the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Counsel, promote and recommend a bioenergetic nutritional approach according to the specific needs of the patient.

Employ non invasive assessment methods: iridology, sclerology, tongue analysis, pulse analysis, nutritional blood analysis interpretation, heart rate variability, bioresonance, non linear body scanning,  live blood nutritional analysis, and REAMS biological theory of ionization, among others; in an effort to identify the underlying cause of disease (biological terrain imbalance), and establish homeostasis.  

Exchange of patients to a medical doctor or to another competent health professional, whenever the situation is beyond the scope of traditional naturopathic practice.